July 19th Press Release

As many of you know we have been working on a major upgrade to our website over the last several weeks. Aside from aesthetic improvements we have upgraded our catalogue, search, and user login features resulting in what we hope is a more user-friendly site that will be a useful tool in navigating our extensive collections of rugs and wide array of services.

Tamarian computer programmers working to improve performance of our massive super-server and remove squirrel nests.

As an avid user, there are necessary steps we need YOU, to take in order to upgrade your computer’s browser to utilize the updated site and have it perform properly. We are working to ensure most all popular internet browsers are optimized for our site, however, there is a short list of current browsers that we have found work best. Most are free and commonly used so we hope this does not present too much of an inconvenience. Plus, that IT person is DYING to upgrade you from Internet Explorer 97’, so this is a GREAT chance to join the new millennium!

Here is a list of the browsers we feel are best, in order:

  • 1st Google Chrome
  • 2nd Mozilla Firefox
  • 3rd Apple Safari
  • 4th Opera

Also, some tips from our in-house nerds:

  • - It’s a good idea to update to the latest version of your browser.
  • - Here you can find an info-graph that shows a performance comparison of the top browsers.
  • - And here is an article about browser security among the top three browsers

Please let us know of any specific issues you may encounter after upgrading your computer and browser and any general feedback is always welcome so we may improve our services to you and yours!

Happy surfing,
Team Tamarian

June 27th Press Release

After launching their new website without having built it, Tamarian Carpets is happy to announce they are over 32% done, and hope to have a working website up to 50% capacity by late June. Recognizing the consumers demand for constantly changing and confusing interfaces, as well as total shutdowns, Tamarian has worked tirelessly to provide exactly such an experience. While many may be disappointed with a complete working and fully functional web client interface, construction is scheduled to be complete mid July, just in time for market.